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A Look at Common Home Security Mistakes and the Best Way to Avoid Them

It is essential to note that over 2 million burglaries happened in 2012 which can be translated to 5,800 per day and one in every 15 seconds. It is true that you can be the next victim because it happens all the time. It is vital that you avoid home security mistakes to protect your home and family. By the end of this topic, you will discover more common home security mistakes and how you can fix them.

The first mistake is putting expensive items on show. There is no surprise that burglars like to focus on homes with expensive items. Therefore, you should ensure that you are not putting any expensive item on show. You should make sure that you are keeping anything luxurious away from the windows. It is also recommended that you keep the curtains closed or partially closed to block burglar’s view. If you have just bought a new TV or video game or anything expensive, you should break down the boxes and put them in the trash bag.

The next one is forgetting to lock doors and windows. You find that if you live in a nice neighborhood, you may feel safe to leave your doors or windows unlocked but what you don’t know is that you are inviting a disaster. You find that such places are highly targeted by burglars and you might be the victim. You should always keep the doors and windows and doors locked. You also have the option of installing smart locks that can allow you to lock the door remotely.

Apart from that, we have to buy cheap locks. Experience burglars know how to pick standard locks and it is vital that you upgrade to heavy-duty locks and deadbolts.

The next home security mistake is forgetting to turn your alarm on. It is essential to note that not all burglars operate at night as people may think but some choose to work during the day when everyone is at work. Therefore, if your building does not have 24/7 residential security, you should make sure that your alarm is on all the time.

Hiding your spare key outside is another home security mistake. Here burglars will start by checking a store-bought key holder and then other common places like under the doormat, in the mailbox or in the grill. This way they will easily access your home if they find the key. Here you should consider installing a smart door lock system so that you can remotely shut the door. This way you will be preventing access to any spare.